Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

This page shows some Robison holiday cards.

Robison's 2002 Christmas Card.

Happy Holidays

From the Robisons

The back noted:

Front: Three aggressive squirrels assault the Robison’s allegedly squirrel-proof bird feeder, using rope, lightsaber, and winged jet pack.

Robison's 2007 Christmas Card with answer key. Art by Arch S., Vivian, and Arch D.

Robison's 2008 Christmas Card. Inspired by Vivian's 11th grade math course.

2009 Robison's 2009 Christmas Card was late, so we sent it in time for Groundhog Day. Art by Vivian. Look closely at the calendar to see two politicians debating. The right one might look familiar.

Robison's 2010 Christmas Card

Robison's 2011 Christmas card. The hyperlink pointed to

Robison's 2012 Holiday Card

Out with the Olds,

in with the gnu.

Credits for 2012 Card

Wikimedia images

Gnu: Muhammad Mahdi Karim1

Ledge: "Jurassicjay"2

Oldsmobile: "Bull-Doser"1

Background: Jonathan Zander1,2


Pun: Arch S. Robison (fils)

Composition: Arch D. Robison (père)

1Gnu Free Documentation License 1.2

2Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Robison's 2013 Christmas Card

Robison 2014 Holiday Card .

We became "empty nesters" in 2014. The kilt signifies Vivian's move to Carnegie Mellon University for grad school. The running shoes denote Arch S. running cross-country at Harvey Mudd College. The dance shoes mark our return to regular ballroom dancing. Quick quick slow...

Robison's 2015 Christmas Card

Robison's 2016 Christmas Card. Vivian graduated from Carnegie Mellon U. with an M.S. in Language Technologies. Arch S. ran on the track and cross country teams at Harvey Mudd College.

Robison's 2017 Christmas Card

Robison's 2018 Christmas Card

Schedule slip did not stop our "2020 Holiday" card.