2014 Robison Graduations

2014 May Graduations

Vivian graduated from the U. of Illinois with a degree in Linguistics, and Arch S. graduated from Uni High. On Vivian's outfit, the orange & blue braid is for Bronze Tablet; the white cord is for James Scholar; the white tassel is for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. School is not yet over for Arch S. - he's on the Uni 4x800m relay team goes to the state-level competition on 5/29/2014.

Here's the whole family: Arch D., Arch S., Vivian, and Amy.

Vivian crocheted the bird and made the mini-mortarboard for Arch S.' hat decoration: a plover chick firing a short-barrel weapon, that is a "mortar board bird mortar mortar board".

See here for a video (by another parent) of "So Long, Farewell" done at the Uni graduation ceremony.