ArgT 2012

ArgT for President.

This page records ArgT's historic 2012 quest for the Presidency of the United States.

About ArgT

ArgT is a squirrel. His name comes from a Target sign that was short a few bulbs one night.

ArgT previously ran for president in 2008 (see New York Times article). Historians attributed his loss to speciesism, rampant at the time, and lies by his opponent, a known brachiator.

But now is a new decade! ArgT says “I believe in change, it makes cents.” Most candidates promise new ideas. ArgT's tag certifies that he has ALL NEW MATERIALS. Better yet, it says “Oakbrook, IL”. So you know he has solid Midwestern values!

Campaign 2012

The flag pin proves that he's all American. The flag background clinches it. With any other candidate, you can't be sure if he/she will act like a rodent once elected. With ArgT you can be sure!

Grass Roots Support

ArgT's grass root support grows every day, just as fast as the grass!

So far, success of the campaign has been exponential. The second day the sign appeared, 10-3 thousand neighbors asked about it!

News Flashes!

Liberal Media Bias

Numerous liberal media outlets and TV stations refuse to acknowledge ArgT's historic candidacy. Specific examples include:

  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Huffington Post
    • New York Times [10/31/2012 update: Article appeared!]

As Stephen Colbert famously stated: "Reality has a well-known liberal bias." It's time for America to get past that bias. Vote ArgT!

Conservative Media Bias

ArgT is so dangerous to the establishment that he is the target of a bipartisan conspiracy. Not only is he ignored by the liberal media, but by the conservative media too. The evidence is too strong to ignore: Fox News has never mentioned him. Neither have conservative pundits Bill O'Reilly, George Will, or Stephen Colbert. Vote ArgT! He wants change! [Your change.]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Hoarding for America” mean?

Some supporters say it refers to balancing the budget. Others say it's aligneds with the philosophy “I've got mine.” ArgT will explain it after his inauguration.

Will ArgT launch robocall attacks, as in 2008?

ArgT understands that the people love to have their dinner interrupted by political calls. However, he feels that “push polls” may be more effective.

Isn't your campaign based on fantasy?

No more than the human's campaigns.

ArgT for President.

When Rationality Is Not Enough!


The New York Times reported ArgT's election-night concession speech.