Bank of Blonzo

Bank of Blonzo Offers Revolutionary CD for π Day!

Several banks across the world have announced negative interest rates. Not to be outdone, the Bank of Blonzo (BoB), recently announced a new kind of certificate of deposit (CD) with an imaginary rate. Terms are:

Opening deposit must be $1000 USD. Interest accrues at a rate of 1i% per day, where i=√ -1. Interest is compounded per second. All interest paid when CD matures, exactly 100π days after opening deposit. Redemption value will be rounded to the nearest 1/10th of a penny. Not renewable. Not FDIC insured.

100π days is about 10⅓ months, and the 1i% rate is per day. This sounds like the deal of a lifetime! Indeed the BoB has been running ads with the line:

Worried about your money? With Bank of Blonzo you'll have nothing to worry about!

Should you invest? The financial press has gone wild since the announcement:

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