Uni High 4x800 meter Relay Team at 2014 State Finals

The Uni High 4x800 meter relay team came in 2nd in the class 1A state finals at Charleston IL on May 31, 2014. They set a new school record of 8:01.87, with personal-best splits for all (Arch 2:03.5, Marshall 2:02.6, Jonny 1:59.9, and George 1:55.8).

Arch S. Robison (rightmost, in orange) is last at about 250 meters into the first leg. Coach Doug Mynatt said he was calm. Most of the teams were running their best runner first, but Uni was running slowest to fastest. Furthermore some of the guys were running the first 400m faster than expected, so they are likely to falter in the second 400m.

Indeed, in the last 100 Arch meters passed 2 of the runners and catches up with a 3rd by the time he's handing off to Marshall Alston-Yeagle, who passed more runners:

Jonny Yockey is next, and passed all but one runner who was way ahead:

and handed off to George Gunter:

George almost closed the gap, coming in at 8:01.87, shy of the Pleasant Plains 8:00.38. Here they are at the awards ceremony:

Here they are later in the stands, with coach Doug Mynatt:

A video of the race can be seen here.