Classier Scam

In this age of ubiquitous electronic communication, who has not received a "Nigerian scam" email? But once upon a time, back to a time now considered legend to young texters, con men (or to be gender neutral, con persons) actually sent real mail. Here is the envelope for one I received as late as 2008:

Observe how it is not your ordinary domestic letter, but airmail. The British stamp, worth about a buck in the States in 2008, establishes a classy upscale milieu for the contents therein. The letter speaks for itself:

One marvels at the financial sophistication, the international glamour, Mr. Moser Robison's beneficence, and that Robison was correctly spelled. Alas, it is a sign of declining standards, or perhaps foreshadowing the imminent economic meltdown of 2008, that Deutsche Bank apparently cannot afford their own domain name. Though I hear that Mr. Lopez, despite such electronic indignities, is still reaching out.