Seismic Duck For Mac OS X

Seismic Duck 2.1 For Mac OS X

System Requirements

Seismic Duck should run on any Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Seismic Duck 2.1.0 has been tested on:

  • 2015 MacBook Air running MacOS 10.11.1 ("El Capitan")

Installing Seismic Duck 2.1

Apple's installer building software has proven to be frustratingly unreliable, so Seismic Duck is provided on a .dmg file. The application is unsigned, since Apple sells that privilege for $100, which seems pricey for low-volume freeware.

To run Seismic Duck on Mac OS X:

  1. Download seismic-duck-2.1.0.dmg from the bottom of this page.
  2. Click on it. It should contain several items:
    • The Seismic Duck application.
    • A license file.
    • The duckumentation as a README (HTML).
    • A directory images of images used by the README.

You can run the application straight from the .dmg or copy it to your Applications folder. Since the application is unsigned ("unidentified developer"), you will need to use "control click" to run it the first time.