2016 Presidential Race

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Trump Offense Bingo

GOP Karnaugh Map

The herd of candidates vying for the 2016 Republican nomination can make it tough to keep track of what distinguishes them. But fret not. Blonzonics has discovered a way to uniquely classify them using only four criteria!

  • Did they announce their run before June 2015?

  • Do they reside in state that was part of the Confederacy during the American Civil War? [1]

  • Were they born in a month without an R? [2]

  • Does the last letter of their surname precede M?

The chart below shows the classification, organized in a stylized Venn diagram known to digital circuit designers as a Karnaugh Map:

See how the chart makes thinking about the candidates so much easier?


[1] Though Carly Fiorina ran in California for the U.S. senate, she currently resides in Virginia.

[2] Blonzonics is studying whether there is connection to the rule about eating shellfish.