Tax Plan

ArgT's Tax Plan.

A lesser candidate says that his tax plan is too complex to explain until after the election, while others say it cannot be real. But ArgT has a radical insight:complex taxes are the solution.

Under the ArgT administration your real marginal tax rate will be 20% less than what you currently pay. Honest! To preserve revenue neutrality, the difference will be converted to an imaginary part of your marginal rate. For example, suppose your marginal rate was 25% for the last $10,000 of your income. Under the ArgT administration, the rate will become (20+5i)%. So you will owe $2,000+$500i in taxes instead of the $2,500 you would have under the old tax rates. That's $500 of real savings!

But what about the $500i that you also owe? Just visit the Bank of ArgT. ArgT will be happy to give you imaginary dollars in exchange for real dollars.

Social Welfare

ArgT's plan is a logical extension of the Negative Income Tax. Taxpayers below the poverty line will be given an imaginary income. Suppose a taxpayer is given $10,000i of income. Remember that i×i=-1. Therefore:


= $10,000i × (.20+.05i)

= ($10,000i ×.20)+($10,000i ×.05i)

= $2,000i-$500.

So said taxpayer will get $500 of real money from the government, and owe the government $2,000i. Hence a net gain of $500+$8,000i for the taxpayer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do professional economists say about this plan?

Not one has expressed disagrement with it yet.

How will the Bank of ArgT determine the exchange rate?

The rate will float according to market conditions. Economists project that initial rates will be about 5 real dollars to each imaginary dollar, since imaginary dollars will be in high demand to pay tax bills. That's free markets at work.

Will the Bank of ArgT make an obscene profit as the money changer?

No more than Wall Street currently does.

Has complex currency been tried before?

The government has been printing imaginary money for years.

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