Alice Robison

May 1949 photo of Alice Mae Poe:

Alice wrote: "That is my class night outfit. Shelbyville had three nights for graduation. The second night was called class night. Usually the students just dressed up in their Sunday clothes. My class decided since there were 49 students in our class and it was the class of 1949 that we would do a pioneer theme. The girls wore dresses like the one in the picture--they were sundresses with jackets so the dress could be cut off and worn as a sundress. Class night was May 1949--the picture could have been taken either before class night or afterward."

The rest of the photos are by my Dad. Here is the earliest photo of Mom by Dad that I've run across. Dated 1956-Sept-3:

1958 Dec 31:

1958 May 30:

1958 June:

1961 May 2:

1961 May 27:

1961 May or June:

1961 June 11: