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LED Light Bulbs

Perhaps "dimmable bulb" would be more accurately called "hummable", because CFL and LED light bulbs that I have tried often have an annoying hum when used on a dimmer circuit. Below is data from recent experience (2014 Jan 4-11) with LED bulbs and dimmers that may be useful to others wanting to have dimmable no-hum bulbs.


Lutron CTCL-153PDH-LA Dimmer Leviton6674 Slide Dimmer
Bulb FEIT Electric 60W Replacement Dimmable 800 Lumen 14W 3000K BPA19/800HVR/LED silent silent
Philips 60W LED Dimmable (9290002268) 830 Lumens hums hums
CREE Soft White LED 60W 800 Lumens HUMS HUMS
The data suggest that bulb humming is a property of the bulb, not the dimmer. The CREE bulb hummed significantly more loudly than the Philips.  The FEIT bulb seems to be silent, even for my family member most sensitive to humming.