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Version 2.0 added sound, vanity board, wide-screen support, smoother graphics and MORE Frequons.
Version 2.1 added an installer.
Version 2.2 is an open-source rewrite in the Go language, and ported to Mac OS.

How to Play

Your mission is to destroy each invading Frequons by moving the cursor on top of it. What could be easier? Except for one itty bitty detail: the Frequons are not displayed in the usual spatial domain, but in the Fourier Domain. Frequons look like colored waves. Your "self" is a wave too, with opposite polarity. Instead of manipulating some local point on the screen, you manipulate a global wave pattern. You destroy Frequons by achieving destructive interference with them.

Here's a screenshot of the Windows version:

The game comes with more documentation. There's a training mode for learning how to play by experimenting. So don't worry if you don't know what the Fourier Domain is. By playing it, you'll develop a feel for a game that has been described as psychedelic, compelling, and strangely addictive.


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